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Note: All children and vulnerable adults are protected by our safeguarding policies.

Booking Policy

  • Full payment is required to secure your place.
  • All payments on this site are made via Square, a leading payment provider that creates a super-secure, end-to-end encrypted payment processing system that links directly with your card provider.
  • Payment is non-refundable.
  • Perthshire Parkour has the final say in any negotiations involving the cancellation of your place and the refunding of money.
  • All classes, workshops, adventure days and other events are non-smoking.
  • Perthshire Parkour takes your safety very seriously and although we take every effort to ensure a safe experience, you are still ultimately responsible for your own personal safety. By attending one of Perthshire Parkour’s classes, workshops, adventure days or other events you acknowledge this fact. You therefore agree that you will not hold Perthshire Parkour or any of its instructors or contracted instructors liable in any way in the unlikely event of you injuring yourself or others while attending one of Perthshire Parkour’s events.

By booking and attending one of Perthshire Parkour’s events you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned above.

Cancellation Policy

If Perthshire Parkour are required to cancel an event, an alternate date will be offered for the event to be rescheduled if possible. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled date, or the event is unable to be rescheduled, or you no longer wish to attend, a full refund will be given for that event.

Due to the limited spaces available, if you cancel an event or are unable to attend one of the block classes no refund will be given.

Classes and workshops will continue through most weather events including rain, wind, hail and snow. When extreme weather warnings are issued classes will be cancelled subject to a risk assessment.

Parkour adventure days and some workshops may be cancelled due to high water levels in the rivers and canyons, high winds on the loch, extreme temperatures or a forecast of heavy rain which could lead to water levels rising prior to or on the day of/during the event.

If your experience is adversely affected by changing weather conditions Perthshire Parkour always attempts to provide worthwhile and meaningful instruction. If in extreme cases an event needs to be cancelled once it has begun, Perthshire Parkour will offer an alternate experience or a refund depending on the degree of disruption.

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

Perthshire Parkour reserves the right to refuse participation to clients they believe are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and in such circumstances no refunds shall be given.

Perthshire Parkour reserves the right to refuse participation to any client whose conduct or manner is likely to cause harm, offence or upset to other participants, instructors, or the general public. In such cases no refunds shall be given, and Perthshire Parkour shall have no further liability to that participant.

Reminder: All workshops, events, day trips and classes are non-smoking/non-vaping.

Photography Policy

Photographs and footage of participants will not be used by Perthshire Parkour in any way if consent has not been given on the class consent and contact form.

If consent has been given, participants (or caregivers) will always be asked again if they consent to their image or footage of them being used for advertising purposes, social media or on the website of Perthshire Parkour and a copy of the footage/photographs to be used will be available to the participant in question to approve.

If the participant is under 18 years old, Perthshire Parkour will always ask for written permission from parents/carers of children to take and use their image, and explaining what the image will be used for.

If participants wish to film or photograph themselves (parents/caregivers film/photograph their child) this is acceptable. However, if they wish to publish this footage on social media channels or similar platforms permission will need to be gained from other participants if footage also includes them. Parents/caregivers who are spectating classes/events are not allowed to film/photograph other participants that are not their own child without permission from those participants/their caregivers.

Since most classes and events held by Perthshire Parkour occur outside in public spaces, instructors may not always be able to control the behaviour of the general public in terms of people taking photos of classes/events. If members of the public are taking photos, then instructors may engage in a manner they deem appropriate to ascertain the subject of their photographs if it seems they are directing their camera at the class. Instructors may ask members of the public to not take photos or publish footage. If the instructor deems it appropriate, they may call the police if they notice any suspicious activities or malicious members of the public who are taking inappropriate photos of under 18’s in Perthshire Parkour classes/events.

Perthshire Parkour adheres to Parkour UK’s Photography Guidelines, which you can view here.

GDPR – Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Company details:

  • ‘Perthshire Parkour’ @ ‘Clach an Tuirc’, Fearnan, Aberfeldy, PH15 2PG, U.K.
  • email: perthshireparkour@gmail.com
  • phone: +44 (0)7555 457407

Personal information submitted via our contact form (name and email) will only be used to reply to you. It will not be added to any other database nor passed to any third-party and will be deleted from our email database once your query is resolved.

Personal data required for bookings may include name, address, email, phone number, age if under 18 years old, and medical information/disclosures. All personal information is treated with sensitivity and stored on a secure device in line with data protection laws and only used for its intended purpose. Personal information is subject to GDPR laws and will be treated as confidential; it will not be shared with third parties.

Individuals will only ever receive marketing type e-mails from Perthshire Parkour if they have consented to being contacted in this way through an opt-in system to our mailing list through our sign-up form. Individuals can opt-out at any time.

All bookings made online are processed securely via Square, so we have no knowledge or record of personal financial details. All sales data records must be kept securely for 7 years in accordance with requirements from HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs) for tax purposes. Thereafter it will be securely destroyed.

You have a right to view, access, correct or object to any of your personal data held by us – please contact us with your request.

Website and Copyright

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Amelia Penfold’s images and the content on this site are for your viewing only. Infringement of her copyright will be enforced with legal action, if necessary.

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