Safety Policy

Perthshire Parkour takes your safety very seriously and although we take every effort to ensure this, you are still ultimately responsible for your own personal safety.

The risk level varies among the environments we operate in and the activities we perform. As many of our classes, workshops and events operate in the outdoors you may encounter slippery or wet surfaces, cold water, and high cliffs etc. Therefore, we have in-depth risk assessments in place that are continuously reviewed, monitored and updated for specific venues. All Perthshire Parkour instructors and externally contracted outdoor guides and instructors are aware that these risks can change and are able to make ongoing dynamic risk assessments throughout your experience.

By attending one of Perthshire Parkour’s workshops, day trips or classes you acknowledge that you are responsible for your own safety and decisions. The instructors and guides at Perthshire Parkour will never force you to do anything that you’re not comfortable with and can always offer you an alternative option. However it is your responsibility to communicate any issues you may have to the instructors or guides. You therefore agree that you will not hold Perthshire Parkour or any associated instructors, guides or businesses liable in anyway if, in the unlikely event, you injure yourself while attending one of her workshops, day trips or classes.


The lead instructor at Perthshire Parkour, Amelia Penfold, is a Level 2 Parkour Coach qualified under Parkour UK, which is currently the highest Parkour UK coaching qualification available in the UK.

She has been coaching parkour since 2017 and has worked as a parkour coach in New Zealand as well as various locations across the UK. In addition, Amelia undergoes regular training and coach development with Access Parkour in Edinburgh, who is the leading provider for parkour coach training in the UK.

All outdoor guides used in collaborative adventure days are hand-picked for their enthusiasm, friendliness and competence and are highly skilled professionals. All instructors and guides employed or contracted by Perthshire Parkour hold, as a minimum: a two-day first aid qualification; a professional qualification in their field of expertise; and must be signed up to the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme.


All equipment used for parkour classes, workshops and day trips is inspected and maintained regularly within all guidelines.

The equipment used for adventure days is hired from trusted local outdoor companies who carry out their own regular inspection and maintenance.

Canyoning – The equipment is hired from The Canyoning Company who are based in Dunkeld, Scotland. Wetsuits come in two pieces (long johns and jacket), both of which are 5mm thick and provide a total of 10mm of neoprene on your core to keep you warm in the water. All harnesses, helmets and ropes are top quality and are checked after every trip.

Paddleboarding – The equipment is hired from Beyond Adventure who are based in Aberfeldy, Scotland. The NRS inflatable paddleboards are light-weight and provide a firm and wide base of support. All boards include a safety strap so you can always get back to it. Buoyancy aids and paddles are provided, and wetsuits can be hired if required.

Venues for Classes, Workshops and Day Trips

All venues either have prior permission from land owners or are on publicly owned land.

We have a right of access to practice parkour on all publicly accessible land under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, as long as all behaviour is respectful and responsible. Also Perthshire Parkour holds thorough risk assessments for all venues that it uses, which it uses to inform how best to use each space. However all individuals are responsible for their own safety – with no liability for Perthshire Parkour or the land owner.

Indoor venues that are hired for classes or workshops are aware of the activity taking place and have approved the relevant risk assessment.


Perthshire Parkour hold Public and Professional Liability Insurance through Parkour UK.

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