Parkour UK Photography Guidelines

Perthshire Parkour follows the photography guidelines for event delivery and image publication set out by Parkour UK.

Perthshire Parkour is committed to providing a safe environment for children under the age of 18 years old to participate in parkour/freerunning activities and events. Essential to this commitment is to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect children from the inappropriate use of images.

Perthshire Parkour has adopted the following good practice guidelines issued by Parkour UK.

Publishing Images

  • Always ask for written permission and gain consent from parents/carers of children to take and use their image; explaining what the image will be used for.
  • If a child is named, their image will not be used.
  • If an image is used, the child will not be named and their personal details: email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses etc. will not be published.
  • Images of a child or children will only be published if the child or children are in suitable dress to reduce the risk of inappropriate use.
  • Ensure that any images used reflect positive aspects of children’s involvement in parkour/freerunning, enjoyment/competition etc.

Events and Activities

Perthshire Parkour will ensure that organisers of all events and activities:

  • Make a decision as to whether participants or spectators can photograph an event on their phones, bearing in mind these images me be hard to track or control.
  • Communicate clearly their event rules around taking/sharing photography on phones.
  • Require any photographer using a camera more capable than on a smartphone or compact camera to register for the event.
  • Issue the photographer with identification which must be worn and clearly visible at all times during the event.
  • Talk with the photographer about how they will identify children without consent for images to be taken, most photographers are experienced in dealing with this situation.
  • Provide a clear brief about what is considered appropriate in terms of content and behaviour, for instance cameras should not be used around changing areas and images of children should highlight the fun and enjoyment that involvement in parkour/freerunning brings.
  • Inform photographers that they should not pull children away for 1-to-1 sessions without consent and a chaperone.
  • Inform participants and carers that a photographer will be attending an event and encourage them to consent to both the taking and publication of images or videos.
  • Act on the concerns of any participants and parents regarding the inappropriate use of photographic equipment.
  • Inform children and their parents/carers if video equipment is to be used as a coaching aid; ensure consents are in place.
  • Ensure that any images or video taken will be stored safely and securely.

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